Funding A Project

Funding a project is as easy as checking out on any e-commerce site, but instead of entering Credit Card Information, you simply send the amount of STRAKS to the address presented for the project you wish to back.


Creating a Project

  1. Create a Descriptive Title

    1. Come up with a Simple title for your project (invention, idea, concept, etc.)
  2. Create a Summary

    1. Summarize your project, as best you can to gain a potential backers interest so as to draw them in to read the details about your innovative idea.
  3.  Provide a detailed description

    1. This is your business plan, use all the resources available on the internet to help you organize your thoughts and put together a Comprehensive plan that describes how the funds you are requesting will allow you to bring your idea to fruitition.
    2. If you have a video demonstrating your idea, and helps to explain your idea, you can post a link to go along with your project description.
  4. Set a Target Goal  

    1. When setting your goal, it should align to the Project Description in such a way that the amount requested can be justified based on the amount of work, materials, and resources required to execute the project plan.  
  5. Once you have filled out the required information you can save your Project.  Once the Project has been saved new options will become available.
    1. You will now have the option to add Rewards, and a FAQ.